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Philodendron florida ghost
Philodendron florida ghost
Philodendron florida ghost
Philodendron florida ghost
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    Philodendron florida ghost


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      Family: Araceae
      Genus: Philodendron
      Subgenus, section, subsection: Hybrid
      Species/name: P. florida ghost - Hybrid of pedatum x squamiferum
      Endemic/spread: Hybrid
      Habitat: Epiphytic vine

      Most noteworthy trait about this hybrid plant is the almost pure white new forming leaves that matures gradually into a deeper green of variable shade. New leaves unfold with almost no pigments (anthocyanins or chlorophyll) but are synthesized as the leaf grows older, and some of the oldest leaves may even become deep green, giving an incredible contrast to the minting (newly formed) crystal white leaves.
      Philodendron Florida Ghost is a hybrid of Philodendron pedatum and Philodendron squamiferum - both epiphytic vines with similar leaf shape, where the former brings smooth green petioles into the mix and the latter adds very fuzzy red petioles, which makes the petioles of P. Florida Ghost appear as a scaly red intermediate form. The beautiful leaves and petioles are even most often blessed with extrafloral nectaries, adding crystal like sugar drops drizzled abundantly (especially) on petioles and on leaves.

      Philodendron Florida Ghost is easy to care for, provided well-draining substrate and very bright light. Avoid only the most intense Nordic summer sun, otherwise this hybrid thrives in very bright light conditions, which brings out the amazing ghostly white leaves.
      If the plant is no longer displaying bright white newly forming leaves, it is trying to tell you the conditions are less than ideal. The white leaves are incredibly delicate, and will react negatively to shipping (which is why we try to avoid sending plants with leaves in the white stage), to being moved to a different location at home, and other stress factors as too much/too little water, too little light, too warm, too little humidity and so on. Make an assessment of which conditions might apply, and try to remedy the situation. It might take a few leaves before one knows if the plant has adjusted to the different conditions and treatment.
      Despite the warnings given here, Philodendron Florida Ghost is really easy to care for when one just knows what it likes.

      Light: Very bright light (avoid hottest Nordic summer sun)
      Substrate: Well-draining
      Water: When top 2 cm is dry to the touch

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      Problems: Not getting enough light or not enough drainage. Pests are of little concern, as the plant is quite resilient if healthy, and they are easily treated.