Opens in spring 2020.

Plant request

So, still haven't found what you are looking for? Or maybe you still have a few more on your wishlist? (Trust us, that list will haunt you forever with a "got it, damn two more on the list" attitude😅

Here you can request any plant you sought after, as long as the requested plant are within our range (Araceae, Sansevieria etc). For example- You want a Epipremnum pinnatum «Cebu Blue» or a Philodendron gloriosum, but we are out of Cebu Blue and we dont have Gloriosum in or normal range. Send your request and we will do our best to help you.

Pre-order/ Plant request terms and conditions:

If we are able to source the requested plant, we will then give you details about it, price and approximate date of delivery. If you decide to proceed and order it, you will have to pay 50% deposit, which is returnable if we for some reason cant deliver.

As soon as the requested plant is in our hands we will contact you by email with photos of the plant attached. Now you have two options:

1- You decide to purchase: Pay the remaining 50% and we will ship the plant to you (Shipping included).

2- You dont want to purchase: You will get a 40% refund while the remaining 10% cover our costs.