Opens in spring 2020.

Pre-Order Philodendron florida ghost


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Pre-Order Aglaonema pictum tricolor


Pre-Order Philodendron glorious (melanochrysum x gloriosum)


Pre-Order Philodendron paraiso verde


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Our Plants

Our plants have been exquisitely sourced from professional growers both locally and internationally. As residents of Norway and Europe we are passionate and fully aware of the potential impact that pests and plant borne diseases can have to Europe's environment, and our national flora. To mitigate this risk, all of our plants, including packing materials, have been chemically treated according to our government standards, before packing and shipment from our selected growers. Upon arrival, the plants are carefully inspected by the Norwegian customs to ensure that all plants are pest and disease free. To ensure that they are able to withstand these stringent import processes, the plants we select have to be in an extremely healthy condition and fully established. After inspection and fumigation, the plants are then quarantined for a minimum of one months in a quarantineroom in our nursery to ensure that all plants have adapted to, and can successfully survive in the European environment, ready for their new home. This ensures that our plants are of the best quality, healthy and acclimatized to local conditions. After the plants are in our hands, we endeavor as closely as possible to imitate their natural habitat (tropical environment) at our nursery. We raise our plants with care and love until they reach a viable size, in order to make sure that the plants are happy and healthy until they find their new home.